How to order escort service?

Depending on the list of available options, escort services can be divided into several types.

The most common option – via the Internet or a client negotiates on escort duration and purposes right at the agency – because elite escort girl can also act as a legal assistant, interpreter, etc. Once that stage is passed, a man finally chooses a companion and pays for services. And then he spends time with his favorite girl. Typically, this type of escort services is popular among lonely leaders and businessmen, dignitaries, etc. Girls can accompany you not only in business trips, but also on vacation. If London escorts girls accompany a businessman on a suburban recreation, while resting on a yacht, during business activities, raffles and social events, this is a better class service. A third group of services requires realizing any customer’s wishes. It may be a holiday in the world’s protected areas, flights in a balloon or helicopter. The cost of this type of escort services is dozen times higher than the price for services of the first and second type, but this is the price of pleasure. Whatever services you use, the joy of communicating with a pleasant and intelligent companion will be provided.

Serena - Young Blonde

Business escort: climbing the career ladder

Prestigious car (Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley Continental GT), expensive suit, stylish watch and a beautiful companion – this is quite a logical series.

But most importantly, according to entrepreneurs providing universal service, business escort in London is targeted at both businessmen and hired managers: “If, for example, a career manager tries to create an image of a prosperous, successful person, then he will immediately attract attention, appearing with a showy lady at a corporate party. And then, who knows, he may get advancement. The main thing is that our elite escort agency provides complete guarantee of confidentiality of information. A girl invited to a business meeting hears everything. That is why models give a signed statement not to disclose proprietary information on a mandatory basis. Solemn conclusion of a partnership agreement, presentation of a prestigious award, participation in a large forum or a visit to a secular party – all this makes any business person thinking about how and whom they should go out with. Herein the reason for business escort services growing popularity lies.

Escorts in the era of Butch Cassidy and Fannie Porter

From London escorts to 19th century madams who made it into the history books, we are all fascinated about the life and history of this interesting trade.

Madam Fannie Porter was born in Britain but moved to America to set up one of the most famously escort agencies in Texas during the early 1900s. The notorious American Wild Bunch made their way toward San Antonio and toward the area that Fannie had dedicated to her escort agency which saw a high class level of female escort who then turned their trade to servicing these dangerous outlaws. Fannie’s famous ‘house’ was based near Durango and her business was highly successful advertising her escorts and suggested as a “boarding house” from the outside. Fannie’s house escort agency became a well known haunt for the Wild Bunch she and her escorts provided a hideout, headquarters and sometimes a resting stop for the notorious Butch Cassidy and his gang ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’. Fannie Porter’s house was also the place where the originally named Harry Longabaugh founded his name as the famous Sundance Kid and where he also met Etta Place, another escort. For the real professionals, Escort agency in London is one of the best places to receive a first class service and complete satisfaction. We offer London escorts who are simply stunning and charming; they make the perfect companion whether you want a private one to one date or you want to book London escorts for a night in the city.

Escort services and traditions

The tradition of escort was born in antiquity. Even in ancient times, specially trained girls used the art to maintain a conversation in male society, entertain men by singing, playing musical instruments and dancing. A man primarily received intellectual pleasure from communicating with them. Today this service regained its devotees and admirers.

Professional London escort service has long been an integral part of high rank and social status persons’ leisure and business meetings. Nowadays, before you contact escort agency, ask about their reputation and read customer reviews, if possible. In addition, you should have a good understanding of what exactly you expect from a meeting with an elite escort. Modern escort services are for those looking for a worthy accompaniment to business activities, recreation, and social rout or during a trip abroad. Men often resort to such service in cases when they want to diversify their recreation and vacation with an educated and pleasant girl. Often, elite girls are invited to emphasize men’s status, high position in a society or as an evidence of their own attractiveness.