Sexting: a new type of sexual pleasure

Every ninth person sends SMS-messages with sexual content. Beautiful female escorts London girls claim: up to 10% of senders enter wrong recipient’s number. So-called sexting is becoming increasingly popular. A survey involving two thousand men and women proved: 25% of respondents are willing to risk existing relationship to have some text flirting. 10% of flirting men admitted of being caught sending hot sex messages to other women. 19% of men believe romantic video calls make their lives richer. Still, intimate pictures and videos of celebrities cause fear among ordinary citizens. 14% of respondents never sent risk images via mobile phones. Top Gloucester Road escorts found out those fond of sex texting. 14% of respondents admit they are either married or in stable relationships. 30% of them are still engaged in sexting, while constantly removing intimate messages from phones to avoid being caught by a partner. London oriental escorts note 12% of married men still give their phone numbers to girls.

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