Female escorts on how to improve sex quality

Along with experts, London escorts made an interesting conclusion: sex accompanied with cries and moans brings more pleasure. Therefore, scientists recommend not holding back emotions, especially if there are no kids at home. A recent study suggests the level of noise emitted during sex is directly related to that of pleasure one receives. Also, sounds help partners better understanding each other’s needs: moans say which caresses deliver maximum enjoyment. 92% of female participants claim male moaning during sex is able to enhance their self-esteem. Some Soho escorts utter louder moans, so trying to stimulate a partner. Another interesting fact: girls with perfectly thin waist are considered the sexiest and most talented in bed. With these girls, men feel easier and more enjoyable. Such partners help getting maximum satisfaction. Feel free to communicate with young models, since they are ever ready for fun. We know how to enhance your sex life.

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