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Sex vacation in Thailand

Since ancient times, escort massage in Thailand flourished thanks to the institution of polygamy. Though modern Thailand calls such service illegal, Asian escort business blooms to full flower and brings the world’s most plentiful fruits. Thai sex trade owes its appearance to American soldiers. During the Vietnam War, Americans built here bomber runways. Moreover, Thailand was used as soldiers resort. According to official data, Thailand counts more than two million people employed in sex industry similar to London escorts services, while one fifth of them are men. Transvestites represent a scourge of European and American tourists. Experienced people say: if you happen to meet a very nice Thai girl, it is a man in ninety percents. Thai girls are usually not very attractive and completely devoid of natural artistry. Transvestites are another matter. However, detecting substitution at wrong time can be very annoying. In addition to all kinds of sex, massage and monstrous peep exercises, Thailand offers very young escort girls. According to UN statistics, there are about 200,000 child prostitutes. Corrupt authorities fail to deal with pedophilia. To help Asian counterparts, Germany and Sweden send their policemen in Thailand. Peace officers hunt down pedophiles, to prison them at home. However, even Herculean efforts of all European police will not cause Thais to stop providing sexual services. White tourists will actively use them. Sex industry is the main revenue source.

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Elite escort service in Brooklyn

New York newspapers and TV paid great attention to arrest of elite Russian call girls and ignored bad economic news. All New York newspapers rushed to publish savory pictures from High Class NY websites and ridicule Asian escort models’ employment contracts. Most of escort business representatives are former Soviet Union residents. RTN Russian television made a devastating report featuring prosecutor’s press conference. High Class NY is also accused of receiving illegal profits of $ 7 million over three years and drug distribution, particularly cocaine (according to Hines, they ordered it under “champagne” code name). London escorts agencies cannot approve both hypocrisy and drug traffickers. However, flagellating paid sex on mutual consent without any signs of violence or sex slavery is useless. In Nevada, prostitution is legal and brings solid profits to the State (and City of Las Vegas). Escort girls attract tourists from all over the world. It would be interesting to see what other prosecutors or journalists do after 11 pm. They definitely should not relish details of this quite ordinary story and ridicule elite escorts. Is anyone still unaware of New York expensive and cheap apartments, restaurants and … escort girls?

Escorts service: Turkey to ban sex industry?

Cheap escorts in London report: Turkish Prime Minister announced a campaign against escort services. Though, what is happening now, that is continuous abrogation of 52 public houses, completely contradicts his tactics. Prime Minister supporters criticise brothels, calling them one of many forms of “slavery”, while those working in sex industry fear all of this may bring a risk to their health and safety. As you know, brothels in Turkey exist ever since the Ottoman Empire. The rulers treated escort girls more or less tolerable. Yet in the first years of the Turkish Republic, state brothels were a way to have control of prostitution in all its levels. Though, during the reign of conservative Justice and Development Party this activity was subject to a complete eradication. In Turkey, many believe it is a gross flouting of morality. As reported by oriental escort service, some legal brothels already closed their doors to patrons. Official reasons for this involve proximity to a new mosque, as well as discovery of historical artefacts in the vicinity.